Who is AOS?

AOS primarily provides curriculum, educational & enrichment STEAM focused programs under the Remo & AOS brands, developed by its founder Jessica “Remo” Saul. AOS programs are award wining, copyrighted & trademarked. AOS programs combine Arts, Mathematics & Technology all in one!

AOS has taken learning the Arts to a new level by giving it a new language! AOS teaches people how to create & perform personalized (custom) Step/Dance choreography by way of mathematical written codes with the help of its educational AOS Beta mobile app/game. AOS is the only program that does this, making us the expert!

AOS is a privately owned company founded in 2006. AOS operates as the d/b/a under Remo System Inc. AOS has served over 10,000 participants since inception!

How does AOS operate?

STEAM Program Division – K-12 award-winning curriculum based, educational & enrichment program that combines the art form of Stepping with Mathematics & Technology (beta mobile app).

Professional Memberships – a fee based membership where individuals are able to join and participate in AOS specific company activities. Pro Members have specific skill requirements that must be reached prior to being accepted into AOS. Special privileges or benefits may be entitled to members. Memberships are located across the nation in key target AOS markets to assist AOS in educating, enhancing & promoting the AOS & Remo brands and programs.

Event Management – signature AOS/Remo branded events created to provide a platform for our STEAM program participants & Professional Members to compete and exhibit.