1098271_10151635096819613_2091131855_nNew York, NY… June 17, 2014 – The Art of Stepping announces the 2014 Art of Stepping Hall of Fame induction of the National Step/Stroll Team of Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. on Saturday, June 28th at CHAOS – National Step/Stroll Convention Weekend at George Washington High School located at 549 Audubon Avenue, New York at 6:00pm.

This impressive honor will be presented by Celebrity Choreographer Chuck Maldonado (known for his work on Stomp The Yard), AOS Hall of Famers Nicole Washington (Lambda Pi Chi), Andrea Duhon (Lambda Pi Chi) and J-RoMeO (Lambda Sigma Upsilon). The Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a consistent pursuit of excellence for the art of stepping and/or strolling. The honor is bestowed upon legendary leaders who have demonstrated the ability to positively impact and raise the level of creativity of the art form by promoting, educating, and enhancing the Art of Stepping™ and strolling.

“As an organization our goal is to recognize individuals for their ongoing commitment to the art of stepping and strolling.” said Patrick Saul, Art of Stepping Foundation. “It is an honor to recognize for the 1st time an entire entity for being consistent for over 15+ years and wish them support for another 15.”

In 2014, on the eve of the 15 year anniversary of their establishmen21458_10151630388129613_921806697_nt it was voted to inducted Omega Phi Beta Sorority’s – National Step/Stroll Team for their continued pursuit and excellence in this art form. The induction will also include a tribute performance that will document the success of this artistic entity.

See an excerpt from there biography.

OPBSI National Step/Stroll Team was established in 1999 with the vision of re-establishing an artistic entity that would represent the organization’s mission and vision. Therefore it gave birth to their National Step Team – Soul Steppin’ Divas and National Stroll Team – Dream Team which would set forth to bring Latino Stepping/Strolling to the forefront. Since its establishment, the organization has performed on 100 showcases in over 16 states and in two continents. In 2006, after winning 3 National Step Championships back to back in the Latino step market, the organization sought to see how to break barriers in the art form of stepping where they entered in an all traditional African American step competition StepCorrect which was documented by MTV True Life on the series – I’m a Stepper. The women competed in two qualifying rounds where they took 1st place to then head to Nationals winning 1st place and breaking history as the 1st Latino fraternal organization to do so. Thereafter, the organization continued forward with a national presence that consisted on appearance and performance on MTV TRL for Beyonce Knowles B-Day Album release, featured/choreography/performed a music video for SONY BMG artist CHELO which aired the behind the scenes episodes on MTV MI TRL Behind the Scene, People En Espanol Fiesta en el Park.

In 2009, OPBSI joined forces with Art of Stepping and Fellow Latino Greek Letter Organization to create a show that would provide them a 50% ownership by creating the rules/regulations which help found the Step/Stroll Coalition which gave birth to RISC know known as CHAOS National Step/Stroll Convention. Since then they have won their 2nd 3 Peat National Step Title and their 2nd National Stroll Title.

To read their complete biographies and to learn more about these influential women please feel free to visit: www.ArtofSteppingEvents.com

To purchase tickets to 2014 CHAOS National Step/Stroll Weekend visit: www.ArtofSteppingEvents.com.


About Us: Art of Stepping™ is a national organization that provides interactive and exclusive curriculum based programs that teach stepping through mathematical formulas. The organization is owned and operated by Remo Production, Inc., a company founded by celebrity step choreographer, Jessica “REMO” Saul. AOS currently has operations in California, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and operates via its three divisions, AOS After-School, AOS PRO, and AOS Events. AOS’ mission is the fight against childhood obesity. Art of Stepping is the proud recipient of the 2010 President’s Council on Fitness, Sport and Nutrition Community Leadership Award. For more information visit: www.ArtofStepping.com



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