CHAOS NeoNew York, New York, May 29, 2015 – Art of Stepping Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the 1st ever NEO Stroll Competition that will be held at CHAOS – on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at York College Performing Arts Center, 94-45 Guy R Brewer Boulevard Queens, New York.

CHAOS is the largest Latino/Multicultural weekend that is produced by the performing organizations to ensure creative control of the direction of the show called the East Coast Coalition. The show, in its 6th year, has seen over 3,000 people in attendance and has been groundbreaking in introducing the Latino/Multicultural market to leaders in the artistic community such as Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. as Defending Step/Stroll Champions and showcasing the 1st sorority to ever step Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. We are excited to be finalizing our line up and introduce a new platform.

NEO STROLL COMPETITION: Neo, originating from the term Neophyte, means an individual who recently became a member of a fraternal Greek organization. The Stroll Competition was a way to celebrate the incoming membership classes into the fraternal Greek community in an artistic realm. With strolling consisting of various dances moves, choreographed in a line formation usually performed at parties, we will be incorporating this concept into our already existing National Stroll Competition and paving a way for the new generation to display the love for the organization. The competition will consist of registered teams to perform 1 stroll, no longer than 80 seconds. It is that simple and anyone can register as there is no maximum number of members per team or per organization. The goal is to promote a friendly and exciting environment for all teams to partake in as they network with each other.


  1. Must be a NEO,
  2. Complete a Registration Form and,
  3. Perform one (1) 80 second stroll. (no profanity is allowed in performance and/or music)


“The only thing we are worried about are those members that still believe they are NEO’s or have something called NEO fever as we say in the fraternal Greek community” stated jokingly Jessica Marie Saul, member of the Art of Stepping Foundation. “Seriously, we are excited about this new platform we are launching as it is important that the NEO’s are welcomed artistically into our national platform as this is the future of the show.”

If you are a NEO who is energetic and excited to perform on stage with your brothers/sisters and show the world the love you have for your organization, REGISTER TODAY by contacting

For more information about the show visit:



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