On behalf of the Art of Stepping, we would like to welcome you to the 2018 WORLD OF STEP International Competition! WORLD OF STEP has a rich tradition with roots as far back as 2008. Overtime AOS events have changed names, venues, etc. in an effort to give the participants & audience what they desire.

Is there a registration fee?

$100.00 non refundable fee for each team that registers for the regional invitation. $200.00 non refundable fee for each team that registers for the international competition. However, if chosen to move forward to international competition, $100.00 regional invitation fee will go towards fee of $200.00.

Can an organization register more than 1 team?

Yes, it is encouraged to do so. Each team is considered 20 performers and 2 coaches. For each additional person there will be a $15.00 fee. There will not be an additional fee imposed during regional invitations.

What is the deadline for registration?

Regional invitations close 1 week before event and up to the discretion of production company. International Competition will close on May 1, 2018.

Why are Regional Invitations not open to public?

Our goal is allow the teams the opportunity to build off their performance from regionals as they head to the international stage. Upon completion of each invitational, AOS will announce who will move forward, provide feedback on the routine to help get them stage ready and copy of the routine. Therefore, we close the regional invitations to allow each team to use the same routine and focus on the development and not recreating.

Who determines the rules and regulations?

Coaches/Competitors who register for the show. Note that for the 1st year we are using the format that is in place, however upon completion of the show, all teams that register will provide feedback and vote on the location of next market and rules/regulations to ensure that the show is BY US/ FOR US.

Can I participate in other shows outside of World Of Step?


Will RISC in the Midwest and West return for 2018?

No. A mutually beneficial decision made by AOS & our partners who represent these markets.

If my organization would like to sponsor or be part of the production of the show, is it too late?

No, AOS is always looking for new organizations to partner with across the country. If you are committed to producing a show that is a reflection of who you are, join us.

Which market are you registering for:

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After submitting this form, AOS Events Production will contact you to finalize your registration process and secure payment.

Disclaimer: It is acknowledged and agreed that the individual signing this document is an authorized member of the respective performing team and signs on behalf of all participating members. Signing this agreement confirms your team’s participation in the above-mentioned Art of Stepping event.