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On behalf of the Art of Stepping Organization, we would like to welcome you and your organization to the 2017 WORLD OF STEP National Step/Stroll Competition hosted at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. WORLD OF STEP has a rich tradition that began in 2008 as a platform where the Latino, Multicultural and African American Fraternal Greek lettered organizations come together as one to produce a show where they participate in the qualifications, rules, performance, judging processes, etc. of the show. In doing so, we hope to further strengthen the Greek Unity between our communities.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. It is a $50.00 non refundable fee for all teams who register for the show. Proceeds will go towards production of the show.

Can an organization register more than 1 team?

Yes. It is encouraged to do so in either competition

Will RISC Midwest and RISC West return for 2018?

We are currently preparing for 2018 and are working hard to return back to regional circuit shows.

If my organization would like to sponsor or be part of the production of the show, is it too late?

No. We are always looking for new organizations to partner with across the country. If you are committed to producing a show that is a reflection of who you are, join us.

Click here for Rules & Regulations to Step, Stroll and/or NEO Stroll Off!

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