STEP: With many variations from around the world, we are excited to bring the various styles from across the country under one house. This opportunity will help bring innovators to students in order to share, create and ensure the art form lives on. Workshops will be geared to the following:

  • Performers – Those looking to learn new techniques and enhance their performance.
  • Coaches – Learn how to better manage your team with the latest tools available from behavioral to managerial.
  • Administrator – Interested in bringing Art of Stepping curriculum based program to your school or interested in becoming part of our affiliate program and get paid to step? This is the workshop for you.

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FUNdamentals of Stepping

Is your choreography just not hitting the way it should? Wonder why your steps don’t seem to have that “crisp” look as some of the videos you’ve seen? Come learn the fundamentals of step with Coach Victor Hicks of Psi Phi Beta Step Teams! We will cover precision, technique, showmanship and more! Coach Hicks brings over 20 years of experience to this workshop to help strengthen current steppers and introduce novice steppers to the building blocks of step. Also, participants will learn the ins and outs of step choreography. This workshop will be heavy movement and a lot of work, so come prepared to sweat!!



STEP Language 

AOS programs mainly help academicians, educators, parents and program participants get excited about STEM/STEAM learning by teaching them how to create & perform their own personalized Step/Dance choreography through written codes in mathematical connotation with the help of our educational AOS Beta mobile app. AOS has taken learning the Arts to a new level by giving it a new language! AOS is the only program that does this, making us the expert! This 2 hour workshop will teach you the core fundamentals and afterwards, we will teach a beat that is coded and see how you can do the same. Are you ready to speak STEP?